"Pirika" bean sprout ramen
I went to Kameari

"This is Katsushika-ku Kameari Koenmae Police Station (hereinafter referred to as Kochikame)" serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for 40 years. The other day, the sudden end of the serialization was announced, which upset manga lovers all over Japan.

The encounter between the author and Kochikame was a jump given by my father to "Read this manga because it's funny" at a Chinese restaurant that I used to go to with my family when I was a kid. After that, I always read it when I bought a jump myself or when I picked it up somewhere.

After announcing the end of the series, there are a lot of people on Twitter and others looking back on their encounter with Kochikame. Among them, the episode "I read it at a ramen shop" is often mentioned.

Certainly, the image of a manga placed in a ramen shop alongside "Golgo 13" and "Oishinbo" is strong. However, the number of ramen shops that have manga is decreasing sharply these days, probably to increase the turnover rate, and it is becoming a memory.

If so, the destination I went to

The crowds at the north exit of JR Kameari Station

Kameari! !!

Yes, I thought that every ramen shop in Kameari, which is the stage of Kochikame, must have Kochikame. Moreover, Kameari is a fierce battleground for ramen, and there are many stores.

Kochikame character sign
The whole city is excited about turtles

However, I couldn't go in and check each house one by one, so I looked around from the outside, but after all there were only places where I didn't even put manga.

When I suddenly asked because there was a policeman and eyes stood before alternating, but I also feel that was in the "somewhere while said with a perplexed expression that was heard for the first time such a thing ... certainly in that Monjayaki shop "It might have happened," he responded very politely (the store was before the opening of the store). It looks like a caring policeman, somehow both.

While I was in the mood of giving up, I came here so I went around Kameari Park and other turtle spots.

Bronze statue of Kochikame Ryotsu Kankichi
There are more than 10 statues of both in Kameari

Bronze statue of Kochikame Ryotsu Kankichi
You can take pictures side by side

Bronze statue of Kochikame Ryotsu Kankichi
Makes you feel cheerful even if you are depressed

I've reached the limit of hunger, so when I enter the Chinese restaurant in front of the station ...

"Golgo 13" Pocket Edition

there were. "Golgo 13" and "Onihei Hankachō" . I'm happy just to have manga.

This is "Pirika" just outside the north exit. Inside the large store with counters and table seats, the crisp sound of an iron pot echoes, and cheap, generous and delicious ramen is served. One is the type of store I want near my workplace.

Pirika's bean sprout ramen
Bean sprout ramen 650 yen (tax included) The vegetables were exquisitely crispy and delicious.

However, it is quite hard-boiled that only Takao Saito's works (which are also a considerable amount) are placed in this town. When I was curious and asked, it was something that the customer left behind . This is another good story, let's go.

Chinese restaurant "Pirika"
"This turtle? Please leave it!"

So I couldn't meet a ramen shop where I could read Kochikame, but I could feel the liveliness and warmth of Kameari, the world view of Kochikame itself. And now I've noticed such a matter of course, "You don't have to read until you come here ...".

If you are a fan of Kochikame who is thinking of visiting Kameari on this occasion, please enjoy interacting with the people of the city and ramen.

Kochikame character sign
I'll come again, both of you