SCRAP "Mystery Solving Notebook 2017"
Is next year the year of solving the mystery?

SCRAP will release a notebook "Mystery Solving Notebook 2017" that you can enjoy all year round in mid-December. The price is 3,800 yen (tax included). Reservations will be accepted at the online shop "SCRAP GOODS SHOP" from October 1st.

The Mystery Solving Notebook 2017 is a notebook where you can enjoy the mysteries set up everywhere in the notebook and the mysteries delivered on the Web page every month. When all the mysteries are solved, a magnificent mystery will appear at the end, and it seems that you can look back on the year with the end of the year.

In addition, contents such as a page where you can keep a record of participation in the "Real Escape Game" developed by the company and a list of performances held in the past are also included. It is said that it is a must-have item for mystery-solving fans.

SCRAP "Real Escape Game"
You can also keep a record of mystery solving events

B6 size, started in January 2017. Includes weekly mystery (53 questions), monthly mystery (12 questions), and annual mystery (1 question). The schedule column is a weekly left type.