"Suica's Penguin" 2017 Ear Plate
Su-Isui ♪

From Orange Page, the 2017 edition ear plates and notebooks designed with the character "Suica's Penguin" for the transportation IC card "Suica" have been released. Scheduled to be sold at the online store "Ekinet Shopping" and "Pensta" inside JR Tokyo Station.

The ear plate with the illustration drawn by illustrator Chiharu Sakazaki is 21 cm in diameter and made of NARUMI bone china. The price is 6,300 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). It is a completely limited production, and an original card is also included as a purchase privilege.

"Suica's Penguin" 2017 Ear Plate
Gold foil stamping card for plate purchase privilege (one of them)

The 2017 edition notebook has a lineup of "Penguin Diary 2017" that looks like a picture book, "Suica's Penguin Notebook 2017", and "Suica's Penguin Free Schedule Notebook". This is also a design full of newly drawn illustrations.

suica's Penguins "Penguin Diary 2017"
"Penguin Diary 2017" with a short story (1,300 yen)

suica penguin notebook 2017
"Suica's Penguin Notebook 2017" (1,250 yen) that is easy to use even for business

Suica Penguin Free Schedule Note
Free schedule notebook (800 yen) that you can start from your favorite month

In addition, a collection of embroidery designs "Suica's Penguin Embroidery" (1,300 yen), a paperback cover (1,000 yen) with the designs printed on it, and a pouch (1,600 yen) will also be available.

Suica penguin embroidery
Suica's penguin prickly embroidery

Suica penguin embroidery
Items with designs that are easy to work on

Suica penguin embroidery
One goods in the world ...

(C) Chiharu Sakazaki / JR East / DENTSU