Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
It looks like it will be cold this year as well

Tokyo has suddenly become cold in the morning and evening from this week. It's the season to prepare a jacket when going out and heating in the room.

There are various types of heaters, but oil heaters are popular mainly in households with children. It has features such as "it does not pollute the air because it does not generate wind" and "it is hard to get burned", but it seems that it is becoming more and more convenient these days. This time, I tried using the top model "Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater" that appeared in September from Delonghi.

Stylish design

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Dusty pastel that suits the winter scenery

The first thing that catches the eye is its design. In addition to the "powder pink" used this time, a total of three colors, "opal green" and "silk gray," are available as the colors that were decided by the user survey in advance. The dull "dusty pastel" is also a trend this year.

The size is W300 x D535 x H680 mm. The sides are panel-shaped and the top is mesh, so there are no gaps for fingers to enter. The average surface temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius, but even when it was the hottest, I couldn't get burned by just touching it (although I couldn't touch it for a long time).

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Safe for children and pets to accidentally touch

Equipped with functions that emphasize usability, such as a remote control that can be operated from a remote location and a cord storage holder. The operation sound is a little loud, but you can turn it off if you are interested.

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Cord storage holder

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Extra cord can be stored neatly

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Can be operated from the sofa or bed

Hard to dry

While many oil heaters are accordion type, the smart design is truly an Italian brand. How about the essential heating function? I used it in a 6 tatami room in an RC condominium.

The basic usage is to turn on the power and adjust the temperature with the dial. The power level can also be switched in 3 steps of 600W, 900W and 1500W.

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Basic operation is only dial rotation and push

In a room with a temperature of 20.7 degrees, set it to 25 degrees and start operation. After 30 minutes, the whole room became a pleasant warmth, but there was no significant change in humidity, but rather a slight increase. When you are near the heater, it seems that you are in the gentle sunlight, and it warms up slowly from inside your body.

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Change after 30 minutes Is it a coincidence that the humidity has risen? But I was using it and it never went down

In addition, when the room temperature becomes almost equal to the set temperature, the operation is automatically suppressed or paused, so there is no need to stop when leaving the room for a while. Furthermore, if you select the "ECO operation mode" that automatically adjusts the optimum power level, you can prevent unnecessary power consumption even if you leave it on (the average hourly electricity bill is about 14.0 yen).

The standard usage range is 10 to 13 tatami mats, so it can be used in the living room where families gather. When installing it, placing it near the window will prevent the intrusion of cold air and enhance the heating effect.

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Also in the place of family gathering (this is an image)

Program to suit your life

It is also equipped with a "timer operation" that allows you to set the temperature when you wake up or go to bed. You can set it low while sleeping, raise the temperature shortly before waking up, and stop when you go out, so you can program according to your lifestyle. Compared to oil and gas, the power at startup is inferior, so it is better to operate it before returning home.

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Efficient with timer operation

Safety design to protect the family

There is no safety aspect. It is equipped with a child lock and caster lock that prevent malfunctions caused by mischief by children. The power plug also has a built-in return-type overheat prevention device that prevents heat generation and ignition accidents.

Delonghi Belcardo Oil Heater
Remote control operation is possible even when the child is locked.

Personally, like the company's other heaters, I like the natural warmth of radiant heat and natural convection. Once you know this comfort, you can't let go. For the author who falls asleep immediately everywhere, it seems to be a savior to prevent unnecessary heating charges and colds (* Let's sleep properly on a futon when sleeping).

The price at the De'Longhi official online store is 49,800 yen (excluding tax). The oil heater does not require refueling, which is a big advantage, so if you think about using it for a long time, COSPA seems to be good.