It's finally December. I think many people are looking forward to the bonus as a reward for working hard for a year. In [Winter Bonus 2016], we will review what you want to buy with a little inspiration.

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
Freedom of warmth

The "multi-dynamic heater" developed by Delonghi, who is familiar with oil heaters, as the "third heater". It is a heating device that wraps the room in a cheerful atmosphere like spring by radiant heat and natural convection.

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater
"Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater" (normal model)

From the same series, the "Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model" (MDH15WIFI-SET) compatible with Apple's "Apple HomeKit" will be released in November. In a word, it became possible to operate it on the iPhone, so I decided to use it immediately.

Overwhelming tranquility is alive

Actually, the author who uses the regular version of MDH15 last year as well. What impressed me most was the quietness of driving, which can be said to be "almost silent", and it is the best model for those who want to concentrate on reading and listening to music.

Also, since the room is warmed by the convection of natural air without producing wind, it is a nice point that dust does not rise and it is hard to dry. The surface of the main body does not get too hot and can be used safely even in homes with small children.

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
Feeling that the heat is rising swayingly

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
Easy to move rooms

Once the room temperature rises, it also has a smart function to keep it within the range of ± 0.5 degrees. By using the ECO mode and the air conditioner at startup, it costs less electricity than the old image.

Let's operate with iPhone

So far, it is a feature of the same series, but in this model, the remote control is gone, and instead it is a specification to operate from iPhone or iPad using a dedicated application (compatible with iOS 9.0 or later) and Wi-Fi network. I did.

Launch the dedicated app and enter the HomeKit code of the main unit to complete the setting. It can also be operated with the Home app (iOS 10.0 or later) together with other compatible devices such as lighting. By the way, it also supports Siri.

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
When you read the code of the main body

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
A heater will be added to the app. Easy to set up

You can set the temperature and output on the panel of the main unit, but you can set the automatic ON / OFF function and schedule function in the app. It is recommended to warm the room before waking up.

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
Easy-to-understand operation screen

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
Schedule function can also be set intuitively

Expanded use on Apple TV

Delonghi Multi-Dynamic Heater Wi-Fi Model
What an Apple TV! (Sold separately for those who already have it)

The product also comes with a set-top box "Apple TV" that can be linked with Apple products, and can be used in combination for remote control from the outdoors. For example, you can freely create a program that suits your lifestyle, such as "turn on the heater when you pass the nearest station to your home." It smells like the near future.

That's why it's a long-awaited model for Apple users who are aiming for IoT for each house. But personally, I wanted a remote control for families who don't have an iPhone ...!

It corresponds to the size of 10 to 13 tatami mats, and the size is W275 x D495 x H665 mm. The estimated market price is 89,800 yen (excluding tax) together with Apple TV 32GB. For those who are not interested in IoT, we recommend the normal model.