IKEA's new collection "Cell Scoop"

A new collection "SÄLL SKAP" will be released on October 15th at IKEA stores nationwide. Furniture and miscellaneous goods that are designed to meet modern needs of the Swedish family life tradition will be developed.

"SÄLL SKAP" is a collection that re-evaluates the "Arts and Crafts Movement" that took place in Sweden in the late 18th and early 20th centuries. At the time when the concept of "living room" did not exist yet, the people of the country started to create a room where the whole family could spend time, and they valued "beauty in life".

The collection, which is modeled after such Swedish ancestors, has a lineup of 30 items such as durable solid wood furniture, textiles with traditional patterns, and dinner wear. Not only is it a revival of traditional styles, but it is also said to have realized the optimal shape for compact living in the city.

A part of the lineup is as follows. The listed price includes tax.

・ SÄLLSKAP chair with storage Assorted color (12,000 yen)

Assorted color with cell scoop chair storage

・ SÄLL SKAP Soup Tureen 2.5L (2,999 yen)
・ SÄLL SKAP bowl diameter 15 cm (399 yen)

Cell scoop bowl

・ SÄLL SKAP lamp shade pink / white (1,499 yen)

Cell scoop lamp shade pink / white

・ SÄLL SKAP rug plain weave (3,999 yen)

Cell scoop rug plain weave