Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
You don't have to make Halloween sweets, right?

Pumpkin is an indispensable ingredient for Halloween. You can decorate it, use it for cooking ... I personally prefer to enjoy the texture and sweetness of Hokuhoku with sweets.

However, for the author who is not motivated to make it by himself (?), The supermarket "Seijo Ishii" is full of sweets using pumpkin. Here are some recommended products, including new ones!

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
I will solve it with money as usual

・ Naruki Ishii Homemade Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin Premium Cheesecake

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
It's like a gold bar

This is a limited-time flavor of premium cheesecake that has been on sale since October. The price is 799 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
Bright yellow inside

The moderately sour cream cheese and the low-sweetness pumpkin paste are the best couple to be jealous of! I can't stop carrying it in my mouth ... Unlike regular products, it does not contain raisins or almonds, so you can enjoy a moist and rich mouthfeel.

・ Ebisu pumpkin and 2 kinds of beans

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
The popular "Mo Mocha Char" is also available in autumn

The autumn version of "Mo Mocha Char" is on sale from this week. It's a strange name, but it's a Malaysian dessert. The price is 399 yen.

The toppings are pumpkin, shiratama, simmered red peas, and kanoko beans instead of regular sweet potatoes. It melts with softness that keeps its shape. The gentle sweetness of coconut milk and the saltiness of red peas are exquisite. Since it's a big deal, I'd like to have a more pumpkin feeling, but enjoy the various textures with "Momocha Char"!

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
Taste that is addictive once eaten

・ Hokkaido pumpkin pudding

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
With a Halloween-like cup

It's a familiar pudding from the store, but it's now available in a cute Halloween cup. The price is 284 yen.

It has a mellow texture rather than a pudding-like smooth texture, and is fascinated by the smooth texture that has been carefully lined. It tastes like eating pumpkin with condensed sweetness as it is, and it is an irresistible dish for those who like the flavor of pumpkin.

Seijo Ishii Pumpkin Sweets
Thick pudding that does not fall from the spoon

Seijo Ishii Sweets is perfect for a small reward for yourself. Even if you're not so interested in Halloween, if you like pumpkin, eat it now!

* Prices are at the time of purchase