Licca-chan doll successive boyfriend
Who were you guys?

TAKARATOMY's dress-up doll "Licca-chan" series will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. As a friend of the new boy, "Hato-kun" will appear on October 22nd. The suggested retail price is 3,200 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Licca-chan's new boyfriend "Hato-kun"
It's glittering ...!

The real name of "LD-18 Boyfriend Haruto-kun" is Haruto Sakurai. He is a tall sportsman and lives opposite Rika's house. It was set because the number one occupation that boys want to get in the future is "athletes" (according to a 2016 Kuraray survey).

Licca-chan's new boyfriend "Hato-kun"
The success of Japanese players these days is wonderful.

In addition, "Licca-chan Premium Wedding Set", which is a set of Rika-chan in a wedding dress and Hatto-kun in a black tie, will be on sale at the same time. We are currently accepting reservations, and from April 1, 2017, it will be sold exclusively at the official Takara Tomy shopping site "Takara Tomy Mall".

Licca-chan Premium Wedding Set
Even if you decorate it as a wedding welcome doll

By the way, I was shocked by the fact that this is the 6th generation, so I have summarized the boyfriends of the past. Looking at the profile, it is quite interesting because it reflects the social situation at that time. Maybe the name of the doll I was playing would change my age?

・ The first boyfriend "Wataru-kun" (Wataru Tachibana / 1968-)
Licca-chan's successive boyfriends
It seems that it was made with the image of a sweet mask, Takarazuka's male role, divided into seventy-three.

・ Second generation boyfriend "Masato-kun" (Masato Fujiwara / 1976-)
Licca-chan's successive boyfriends
The well-organized features are against the background of the popularity of idols who were said to be the three families at that time.

・ Third generation boyfriend "Isam-kun" (Isam Sato / 1981-)
Licca-chan's successive boyfriends
Isamu, the longest in history. On the right is "Fresh Isamu-kun," whose makeover was changed in 1985.

・ 4th generation boyfriend "Kake-kun" (Drive / 2000-)
Licca-chan's successive boyfriends
Boyfriend's first junior high school student. My dream for the future is "professional soccer player"

・ 5th generation boyfriend "Len-kun" (Len / 2008-)

Licca-chan's successive boyfriends
My dream for the future is a hair stylist. It's fashionable