"Moisturizing footbath mascot" series that heals the skin and mind
Relieved Nya ~

It suddenly became chilly. It's about time that the air conditioner in the office is switched to heating. And it's about time the office starts to dry out.

In such a dry office, the decorations "Moisturizing Footbath Mascot Cat" and "Moisturizing Footbath Mascot Kuma" are helpful. A humidifier that can be used on the desk.

The "Moisturizing Footbath Mascot" series is a naturally vaporizing humidifier. The poured water gradually soaks into the body of unglazed cats and bears, which evaporates and humidifies the surroundings. It is said that a higher humidifying effect can be expected than when a dish filled with water is simply installed on the desk.

"Moisturizing footbath mascot" series that heals the skin and mind

However, it is a type that does not use electricity. The effect is modest compared to the ultrasonic type and boiling type. However, the healing effect of being able to see the cats and bears used in the footbath at any time is outstanding. Isn't this an effect that cannot be obtained with other humidifiers?

In addition, the natural vaporization type has the advantage that it does not have the "kopokopokopo" sound peculiar to boiling humidifiers. Some people complain that the humidifier is noisy when using the boiling type in the office. There are times when I feel a healing effect even with more popping sounds, but is that just me?

Anyway, when you get tired of work, you can get rid of stress by thinking "Do bears like hot springs?" Or "My cat likes the top of the bath lid." ..

"Moisturizing footbath mascot" series that heals the skin and mind
There aren't many acorns in the forest this year.

It is sold at Tokyu Hands' Shibuya store and other stores (it seems that it may be ordered depending on the store). In addition, it can be purchased at the Tokyu Hands online store. The price is 1,296 yen (tax included). Shipping fee will be charged separately.