Moisturizing glasses "JINS Moisture"
These glasses are used after adding water.

I have dry eye symptoms and eye drops are indispensable during work. When the air became dry easily, I found out that there was a moisturizing eyeglass "JINS Moisture" and decided to use it.

JINS Moisture is a pair of glasses with a small "water pocket" built into the frame. By evaporating the water in this pocket, it seems that an appropriate humidity (about 58.8% on average) can be maintained around the eyes. There are two types of designs, "LARGE" (square type) and "MEDIUM" (oval type), and the author chose "MEDIUM". By the way, the price for "No degree" is 4,212 yen (tax included).

Moisturizing glasses "JINS Moisture"
"Water pocket" built into the frame can be removed

Moisturizing glasses "JINS Moisture"
How water evaporates from multiple holes on the side

Moisturizing glasses "JINS Moisture"
Fill with water with the attached dropper

Fill the water pocket with water, put it back in the frame and you're ready to go. To check the effect, I continued to call from 9 am to 6 pm. The view right next to it is slightly blocked by the water pocket, but there is no problem with desk work. The lens did not become cloudy due to humidity, and I was able to operate the computer as usual.

"Water supply" with a special dropper and you're ready to go
It looks like goggles

By the way, what is your impression after spending 9 hours? The ruggedness of the eyes, which is peculiar to dry eye, has been reduced, and eye drops that were normally inserted 5 times or more a day can be completed with only 2 to 3 times. When I checked the inside of the water pocket, the amount of water, which was about 90% at first, decreased to about 50-60%. It seems that the humidity around the eyes has increased by that amount. The frame designed to cover the eyes stabilizes the humidity around the eyes and prevents dust and wind from entering.

Moisturizing glasses "JINS Moisture"
The frame designed to cover the eyes seems to prevent the intrusion of dust and wind.

● Summary
As a result of using it continuously for several days, I felt that it certainly relieved the dryness of my eyes. It's not so much moisturizing, so it's ideal to take measures such as blinking consciously and sometimes resting your eyes.

If you dare to mention the difficulty, is it how it looks? Because the frame is thick, it is undeniable that it is rugged like goggles, so it seems that it is not suitable for fashionable days. Also, when I put it away, I have to empty the water pocket to get the inside of the case wet, so I felt it would be easier to limit the place of use and not carry it too much.

Dry eyes that tend to get worse as the humidity drops. If you are interested, why not try using these glasses to "moisturize" your eyes in addition to the humidifier? Of course, if you have severe dry eye symptoms, please see a doctor first.