Popular in private items

The brand "in private" of the general store PLAZA announces the popularity ranking of "warm goods". Introducing items that are also suitable as gifts, such as cupcake-shaped socks and stuffed toy-shaped hot water bottles.

The products from 1st to 5th place are as follows. All listed prices do not include tax.

1st place "Room Socks Cupcake" 1,300 yen each

Room socks cupcake

An item that turns into this room sock when you untie the cupcake. The word "To you" is on the hertopic that is attached to the cupcake, making it a perfect gift.

2nd place "Sheep Eye Warmer" 1,700 yen each

Sheep eye warmer

An eye warmer that contains silica gel beads and can be heated in a microwave oven and used many times.

3rd place "Animal Blanket" 2,600 yen each

Animal blanket

When you open the zip on your back, you will find a stuffed animal with a blanket that can be used as a rug.

4th place "Room shoes" 2,900 yen each

PLAZA "Room shoes"

Room shoes made of fluffy and fluffy material. The inner material is also soft to the touch and protects your feet from the cold.

5th place "Animal hot water bottle" 3,900 yen each

Animal hottie

A hot water bottle with a stuffed animal cover. The hot water bottle inside is made by fashy, a famous German manufacturer.

* The ranking is based on the number of items sold. The aggregation period is from October 23 to November 6, 2016.