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MyVoiceCom conducted a questionnaire survey on mayonnaise (4th) . The results of asking about 11,000 men and women, such as the percentage of people who like mayonnaise, the frequency of use, and the points to emphasize when purchasing, are summarized.

■ Do younger people “hate mayonnaise”?
81.9% of the respondents answered that they liked mayonnaise or slightly liked it. On the other hand, looking at the breakdown of less than 20% of the respondents who answered "I don't like it very much" or "I don't like it", the ratio was high among young people. In particular, more than 30% of men in their 20s answered that they did not like it.

Mayonnaise preference

The volume zone of mayonnaise usage frequency is "2 to 3 times a week" and "once a week", and less than 70% of users use it more than once a week. The frequency of use was low in the 20s, but high in the older generations.

Frequency of use of mayonnaise

■ The number one brand used is "Kewpie"
Regarding the brands of mayonnaise used in the last year, "Kewpie mayonnaise [Kewpie]" ranked first with 61.4%. In addition, "Kewpie Half" and "Pure Select Mayonnaise" were followed by 20 to 30% of users.

The most common answers regarding the points to be emphasized at the time of purchase were "taste" (59.1%) and "price" (41.4%). In addition, "manufacturer" (24.2%), "calories" (21.1%), "capacity, size" (19.4%), etc. were mentioned.

Important points when purchasing mayonnaise

■ Dissatisfaction with mayonnaise on the market
Respondents also commented on the mayonnaise on the market as follows.

・ Because of the large quantity, it is difficult to buy it as a trial. If you have a tasting, you can buy it after understanding the taste, but if you can not, I think it is difficult to buy a new brand. (Male, 29 years old)
・ As the remaining amount of contents decreases during use, air gradually enters the container and oxidation progresses, so I would like you to devise a supply port well so that air does not enter no matter how you use it. .. (Male, 67 years old)
・ It is difficult to use up all of them within the deadline. I'm buying a bento-sized bag type, but I don't sell calorie-free ones in that package. (Female, 43 years old)
・ I am not dissatisfied and want to use every meal every day, but I am a little modest for my own health. I have bought mayonnaise that is good for my health, but I feel that it tastes different. (Female, 62 years old)

The survey was conducted from October 1st to 5th, 2016 in the form of an internet survey. The respondents were 11,129 men and women in their teens to 50s or older. Of these, 5,736 were men and 5,393 were women.