Queen Day (December 12th)

Every December 12th is registered with the Japan Anniversary Association as "Queen Day", an anniversary to "praise women who do their best". Ezaki Glico, who applied for registration, is developing a campaign to commemorate this.

Queen Day is a day to "praise and work for a woman who works hard in various everyday situations through chocolate like a queen". Ezaki Glico applied to the Japan Anniversary Association and was officially recognized as an anniversary. Regarding the reason for choosing the date of December 12, Ezaki Glico said, "I used the number" 12 "for Trump's queen as a hook because chocolate was once loved by women of the European royal family." Explaining.

The company launched a campaign to commemorate this enactment from November 22nd to December 12th. During the period, the "Queen Card" in collaboration with the Sanrio character will be included in the target products with the campaign mark. There are 54 types of designs in total, and if you have all of them, you can play as a playing card. The target products are "Almond Peak", "Almond Peak [Chris Peak]", and "Van Houten Chocolate".

Sanrio "Queen Card"
Sanrio characters become various "queens"

Sanrio "Queen Card"
Joker's card