A person who puts clothes in the washing machine
To those who say, "I don't have time to check each and every one of them!"

"Laundry symbol" will be changed for the first time in 50 years from December this year. It seems that the care method symbols on the clothing tags will increase to 41 variations in line with the new JIS standard.

Laundry symbol from December 1, 2016

By the way, about 20 types have been used so far. It was easy for me to understand the temperature of the water and "hand wash", but the new symbol is quite abstract and difficult to remember.

Laundry symbol until November 2016
This is the old laundry display

Laundry symbol after December 2016
Example of new laundry display Hoho ...?

For those who say, "I can't confirm because I'm so busy!", "Linette", a home-delivery cleaning service that completes the internet, introduces "at least three points to remember."

1. The mark on the tub is "Washing machine acceptable"

The mark on the tub is "Washing machine allowed"

Everything that can be washed at home in the future will be marked with a tub mark. It is not a “hand wash”.

2. The mark to put your hand in the tub is "hand wash"

The mark to put your hands in the tub is "hand wash"

On the other hand, the indication that you are putting your hands in the tub is clothes that should be washed by hand. Be careful not to machine wash with other clothing.

3. The ○ symbol is "cleanable"

○ symbol is "cleanable"

All items marked with a circle are cleaning symbols. There are detailed instructions such as solvent, but at home, just remember that "if there is a circle, you can send it out for cleaning."

If you can afford it, check the following as well.

・ The temperature rises as the number of points increases.

New laundry display Iron finish, tumble dry
(Left) Ironing, (Right) Tumble drying The higher the point, the higher the temperature can be set.

・ The lower bar is "weaker" as the number increases.

New washing display Washing process
Be careful as it increases as it increases

Since this change is applied both domestically and internationally, it can be said that it is a nice change in Japan, where overseas fashion is also popular. Let's learn the tips and become good at washing!