Daiso "Memo like chocolate bar"
Not sweets that you can buy for 108 yen including tax, but sweets-style memo paper

If you think it's a candy and receive it, you'll be surprised. I found a strange note paper on Daiso, so I bought it.

I bought a total of 4 items: "Memo like chocolate bar", "Biscuit-style memo" (2 types), and "Potato paper" (light-style). To prevent accidental mistakes, the package has a note saying "* This product cannot be eaten". What exactly is the contents?

First, let's open "Memo like chocolate bar".

Daiso "Memo like chocolate bar"
The bottom of the cardboard is properly wrapped in silver paper

Daiso "Memo like chocolate bar"
The back of the "chocolate bar" with plenty of sizzle was a graph paper that seems to be easy to write.

The total number is 40. Not only can it be used as a miscellaneous note book, but it also looks good to write a message of love and attach it to a Valentine's gift.

Next, open "Biscuit-style memo" (2 types) and "Potato paper" (light-style).

Daiso "Biscuit-style memo"
A package with a familiar atmosphere

Daiso "Biscuit-style memo"
A color that seems to have a fragrant scent. The back side is pure white.

Daiso "Biscuit-style memo"
This is a congari

Daiso "Potato Paper"
Cute potato chips with distorted lines

The colors of the biscuits and potato chips are light, so you can write without worrying about the difficulty of reading. The number of sheets is 60 each (20 sheets x 3 sets). Is it okay to keep only one set in my hand and give the rest to others?

"Sweet-style memo paper" that makes you feel happy every time you pick it up. If you see it at the store, please check it out.