Cafe drink bag "ROOCUP"
Safe even with a lot of luggage

The cafe drink bag "ROOCUP" will be released in early February from the tote bag specialty brand "ROOTOTE". The price is 1,000 yen each (excluding tax).

This product is a cup holder type tote bag that is convenient for carrying takeaway drinks such as paper cups and plastic cups. It supports from general short size (8 ounce cup) to large size (16 ounce cup).

The outer material is polyester, and the lining is aluminum bonding with a simple heat and cold insulation function. A roux pocket is also designed on the side to hold muddlers and milk.

Cafe drink bag "ROOCUP"
Keep warmth and coldness even after taking it home

The size is W14 x H9 x D8 cm, and the length of the handle is 23 cm. There are 6 color variations: black, yellow, khaki, purple, pink, and navy.

Cafe drink bag "ROOCUP"
Is it likely that everyone will ask you to use it?