Image of cherry blossom viewing
This year is also the cherry blossom season

The flowering declaration was announced this week in Tokyo, and the cherry-blossom viewing season has finally begun. When heading to the venue, I think that I often drop in at 100-yen shops to procure paper plates, cups, and vinyl sheets. At that time, I collected items that are convenient to buy together.

・ Aluminum sheet

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
This is definitely better than the blue sheet

Every year, I feel that the temperature is still low during the cherry blossom viewing season. If you want to lay the sheet directly on the ground, we recommend using an aluminum sheet that has a heat insulating effect. Since it reflects light during the day, the surface warms up, and you can use it with your lap for peace of mind until the evening.

・ Folding mobile mat

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
Folding cushion that fits in the gap of the bag

A cushion sheet that makes your butt comfortable when sitting on a vinyl sheet or a hard bench. If you use it together with an aluminum sheet, you can prevent the buttocks from getting cold.

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
Double use to protect against the cold

・ Wet wipes

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
It is advantageous to buy at Hundred yen store

For wiping hands, dust and spilled drinks when there is no water nearby. For large households, it is easy to use if you buy multiple packs and place them in several places.

・ Straw cup with lid

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
Safe even in places without a table

A cup with a lid that won't spill even if you accidentally knock it down. This is a Daiso product, 3 pieces without a straw. It is easy for children to drink and also protects against petals and dust.

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
Even if you inadvertently defeat it, you can prevent a catastrophe

・ Garbage bag holder

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
If you are at home, please bring it with you

The last is a garbage bag holder that you can get at a slightly higher price at a 300-yen shop or a 100-yen shop (the image is from Three Coins). At the cherry-blossom viewing venue, most of the garbage is sorted in one place and taken home, but if you sort it in advance, it will be smooth when you go home.

The point is that the garbage bag stand, which is used by hooking a plastic bag, can be opened wide so that everyone can easily throw it away. Made of wire, it is light and easy to carry.

By the way, do you have anything left behind? Please fully enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and delicious food!

Goods useful for cherry blossom viewing
I wonder if it will be in full bloom soon