MUJI sweets that feel spring
"Spring waiting sweets" are lined up without a mark

March is where spring-like events such as the Doll's Festival and cherry blossom viewing await. This year too, new spring sweets are on sale at MUJI.

The sweets with plenty of cherry blossoms and berries have gorgeous visuals and are perfect for events. We have selected the top 3 recommended items at the discretion of the editorial department, so please refer to them when choosing! * All listed prices include tax

MUJI sweets that feel spring
This time I ate and compared 7 types

1st place Sakura cream sandwich cookie 120 yen

Cherry cream sandwich cookie
No. 1 for visual and taste surprises

Cream sandwich cookies sold only every spring. The "sweet and sour" harmony of the scent of butter, the sweet cream, and the salted cherry blossoms topping is irresistible. I often feel that one sweet of this kind is enough, but I think I can eat as many as I want with just the right amount of saltiness. It looks pretty, so I thought it would be good to insert it.

Cherry cream sandwich cookie
Cherry leaves are also kneaded into the cream

2nd place Thigh jam pie 250 yen

Thigh jam pie
New flavor for jam pie

Sweet and sour peach jam and crispy, moist puff pastry with a springy mouth. I also like the selfish feeling of being able to enjoy a rich pie in a bite size (although I end up eating a lot ...).

Thigh jam pie
I want you to make it regular!

3rd place Sakura Baum 190 yen

MUJI Sakura Baum
After all unbranded Baum is delicious

Baumkuchen with cherry leaves kneaded into the dough. It has a faint scent of cherry blossoms and almost no saltiness, but its elegance and the simple sweetness of Baumkuchen are well-balanced.

MUJI Sakura Baum
High degree of perfection

The following are unfortunately missed the TOP3, but they were all stable and delicious.

・ Cherry cookie 250 yen

MUJI cherry blossom cookies

A product that is out of rank by a small margin, but you definitely want to buy it repeatedly. The sweetness is modest and the saltiness is just right. It has a nice crisp texture and goes well with tea.

・ Mini tiger grilled with sakura mochi 190 yen

Grilled mini tiger with sakura mochi

It has a soft texture and sakura mochi, which makes it very satisfying to eat. I'm glad that it's "granulated bean paste". It is a great deal with 3 pieces.

・ Financier of Franboise 150 yen

Financier of Franboise

Financier with juicy berry flavor. The moist and soft dough has a strong sweetness.

・ Cranberry Clafoutis 150 yen

Cranberry clafoutis

You can enjoy two types of texture, crispy tart and moist dough. It's packed with cranberries, but the overall taste is vague.

By the way, until March 9th, there is also a campaign where you can get a 10% discount if you buy two or more of the popular "Chocolate Strawberries". Why don't you take this opportunity to eat and compare various things?

Grilled mini tiger with sakura mochi
I'm going to eat too much before the real spring comes ...