Johnson baby oil

"Baby oil" that can be easily purchased at drug stores and supermarkets. Originally sold as a moisturizing oil for babies, it is now attracting attention as a "universal cosmetic with good cost performance" among adult girls.

The author, who has become an Arasa and whose skin has become less moisturized, is feeling the moisturizing power again. So, this time, I tried to find out how to use baby oil for adults.

Johnson baby oil
Introducing the all-purpose baby oil

What is baby oil made of?

By the way, what is baby oil made of in the first place? It seems that it is not a bad thing because it can be used for babies, but surprisingly few people know it.

"Johnson baby oil", which is often seen in stores, uses mineral oil called "high-purity mineral oil". Like petrolatum, it is a petroleum-derived ingredient, but by removing impurities as much as possible during the refining process, it can be safely used on baby's skin, which is sensitive to irritation.

Johnson baby oil
Speaking of baby oil, this

Of course, adults can also use it to moisturize the whole body from the heel to the tip of the nail. Furthermore, looking at the site of the same product, it seems that there are also the following usages.

For trendy wet styling

Baby oil that can also be used to care for dry hair. You can easily make styling with a wet feeling that is trending these days.

Styling with Johnson Baby Oil
Wet hair stalling makes you look like an adult

Johnson baby oil is fragrance-free, so I use a small amount of other styling milk. Please note that if you apply too much, you will lose the sense of cleanliness.

For keratin care such as nose

Easy care for hardened dead skin without the need for a facial mask. After taking a bath, apply a steaming towel to open the pores firmly, apply oil about the size of a 1-yen coin, and massage the area you care about.

Woman putting her hand on her face
Massage areas of concern such as the nose and mouth

You can also soak it in a cotton swab and continue stroking it for about 3 minutes. Be careful not to irritate strongly.

Keratin care with Johnson baby oil
Keratin care that became a hot topic on the net

For skin protection before shaving

How to use Johnson baby oil
Prevents drying after cleaning

The season when you have more opportunities to show your skin. Even if you treat unwanted hair well, it will be ruined on dry skin.

Take a 500-yen coin-sized baby oil in your hand during or after bathing, apply it to your legs and hands, and then shave it to keep your skin moist after rinsing. It's a hassle to try.

In addition to this, the site has detailed information on skin care and baby massage methods, so if you have one, please check it out. It is convenient to have one baby oil that will make your skin smooth for the whole family!