Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
Fermented foods are easy to make

Today (August 5th) is "Fermentation Day". Marukome, which makes miso, has established it to spread the goodness of fermented foods.

That's why this time the Enuchi editorial department challenged "handmade fermented foods". It seems difficult to control the temperature, but I tried to verify it because it can be easily done by using "yogurt maker"!

Yogurt makers are cooking appliances that promote fermentation by maintaining a constant temperature environment. This time, Iris Ohyama's "Yogurt Maker Premium", whose temperature can be set in increments of 1 degree, will be used to create a gourmet that will make your body tired from the heat happy.

Handmade fermented foods at "Yogurt Maker"
I dare to make something that is not yogurt

Fruit vinegar on the day

First of all, fruit vinegar that soaks fruits in vinegar and sugar. It seems to contain plenty of citric acid that removes the source of fatigue.

Normally, you need to soak in rock candy for about a week, but a yogurt maker can cook in about 6 hours. It's also easy to say that ordinary sugar is fine.

The ingredients are fruit (this time kiwi), sugar, and vinegar. Mix the same amount (weight) of each and set at 40 degrees for 6 to 7 hours.

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
Vinegar: sugar: fruit prepared 1: 1: 1

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
Mix the ingredients

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
6-7 hours at 40 degrees

The finished fruit vinegar is well aged and has a mild acidity. We recommend the sour drink, which is divided by carbonated water.

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
I have made it normally, but it tastes the same!

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
For sour drinks that blow away the heat

Freshly made amazake is the most delicious!

Amazake that is rich in amino acids and glucose and is called "drinking drip". If you are a yogurt maker, you can set it at night and do it while you sleep.

The ingredients are cooked rice (300g (10.58oz)) and dried rice jiuqu (200g (7.05oz)). Mix rice and boiling water (250 ml) well, add water (150 ml), add rice jiuqu and mix further.

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
Easy recipe using cooked rice

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
Mix well

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
9 hours at 60 degrees

After 9 hours, the thickened amazake is completed. The sweetness is brought out from the rice, and it looks like Japanese sweets and is surprisingly delicious ...! When I asked people who were not good at amazake to drink it, they said, "This is a sweet," and drank it very much.

Fermented food at "yogurt maker"
The best freshly made amazake! Delicious even if chilled and divided with soy milk or milk

Easy because you can leave it alone

Yogurt makers need to pay attention only to the hygiene of containers and utensils when preparing, but basically it is easy because it can be left as it is. Why don't you take this opportunity to start your handmade fermentation life?

The reference price of the introduced "Yogurt Maker Premium" is 6,980 yen (excluding tax). You can purchase it at the company's mail-order site, home appliance mass retailers, home centers, etc.