ICHIKAMI "Yurufuwa Wave Return Japanese Grass Form"

From "Ichikami" by Kracie Home Products, new products "Yurufuwa Wave Return Wakusa Foam" and "Hair Keep Wakusa Stick" are now available. It will be on sale from February 16th.

"Yurufuwa Wave Restoration Wakusa Foam" is a styling agent that keeps the perm line just by rubbing it. The foam of "Moisture Penetration Formula" and "Style Arrange & Keep Ingredients" are used to moisturize the core of damaged hair and keep the perm line in order. Also contains the wave dripping preventive ingredient "Sanguisorba extract". It tightens the hair tightly to prevent damage and makes the perm line hard to drip.

There are two capacities, 200 ml and 300 ml (for refilling). The price is open.

"Hair Keep Wakusa Stick" is a styling agent that is applied directly to ahoge, bangs, and bundled hair to smooth out turbulence and keep it natural. It contains "rice bran wax" that keeps the natural style while adjusting the disorder, and "pure / Japanese grass premium oil" that prevents hair breakage and improves hair strength. Just apply it directly, so you can easily style it anywhere without getting your hands dirty.

The capacity is 13g (0.46oz). The price is open.

Ichikami "Hair Keep Wakusa Stick"