Mana "Scented Can Glass"
It's a hassle to transfer to a glass, isn't it?

Mana will sell a drink item for canned beer, "Scented Can Glass" from the beginning of March. The suggested retail price for a set of two is 480 yen (excluding tax).

Mana "Scented Can Glass"
A set of 2 that you can enjoy with your family and friends

This product is an item that you can easily enjoy the taste of "glass beer" just by attaching it to canned beer. It has a pleasant tip and a wide mouth to maximize the aroma of beer, and it seems to improve the "throat" compared to drinking directly from a can.

The size is about 72 mm in diameter x 47 mm in height. It is compatible with canned beer with a diameter of about 57 mm, and can be installed with a single touch by opening the pull tab. It's perfect for people who want to enjoy beer with all their might, from home to outdoor events and business trips!