3 selections of anti-pollen goods
It's not too late yet! Pollen measures

"It's so painful that hay fever dies ...!"

Around this time I want to scream. Glasses and masks are essential to prevent pollen from getting into the body, but many people feel that they cannot prevent it.

Image of mask and glasses
Masks and glasses are not enough ...

Recently, the pollen countermeasure corner of drug stores has been enhanced, so you may be wondering what kind of item to choose. This time, we will introduce three items with the function "I wanted this!" Among many pollen care goods.

Aller Block Pollen Guard Spray Moist Veil
Introducing 3 recommended products

One spray that can be used for both face and clothes

There are many types of pollen block sprays that can be used instead of masks. Among them, "Aller Block Pollen Guard Spray Moist Veil" is characterized by being able to care for the face, hair, and clothes with just one.

Aller Block Pollen Guard Spray Moist Veil
Pollen spray that does not need to be used properly

The human body and clothing are unknowingly charged with static electricity, attracting pollen, viruses, PM2.5 and other harmful substances flying in the air. The spray contains naturally-derived antistatic ingredients, and when sprayed, it is less likely to be charged with static electricity.

Aller Block Pollen Guard Spray Moist Veil
Suppress static electricity and keep pollen away! * When using it for clothing, please try it once in an inconspicuous place.

The convenience of spraying once a day is also a nice point. It feels like a lotion mist containing moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and argan oil, and can be used over makeup before going out.

Aller Block Pollen Guard Spray Moist Veil
Relax with the gentle scent of natural rose geranium I also wear it on my mask

For pollen that has entered the house

Even after returning home, the symptoms may be due to pollen on furniture and bedding. "Algard Air Shower ZERO" is characterized by attracting allergens such as pollen and house dust adhering to the cloth and "nullifying" it by 97%.

Algard Air Shower ZERO
Rohto Pharmaceutical "Algard Air Shower ZERO"

It is said that it is effective when used for clothes when returning home, sofas in the living room, and bedding before going to bed. It can also be used for laundry and car seats before it is dried outside.

Algard Air Shower ZERO
Living room cloth products

Algard Air Shower ZERO
Bedding before bedtime

Algard Air Shower ZERO
Also for laundry before drying!

It is easy to use because it is fragrance-free, color-free, and has no extra scent. Contains 200 ml and can be used about 650 times with one bottle.

Painless! Mist nasal irrigation

Even so, when your nose gets stuffy, you are urged to remove your nose and wash it. The "Aller Shut Nose Shower Mist Type" lowers the hurdle for "nasal irrigation," which many people are not good at.

Aller Shut Nose Shower Mist Type
Fumakilla "Aller Shut Nose Shower Mist Type"

When you insert the nozzle into your nose and press it, a mist with a component concentration close to that of body fluid is ejected, and it is a mechanism that can wash away viruses, germs, pollen, PM2.5, etc. without stimulating cells. After use, you only have to blow your nose lightly, so it's nice to choose any place.

Aller Shut Nose Shower Mist Type
Universal design that anyone can easily push

Aller Shut Nose Shower Mist Type
If you press it about 3 times, it will drip like a runny nose.

Certainly there is no pain of "Tune", but the dull stimulus is an ant. It was pretty refreshing after use! Unlike nasal drops, it does not act on the body, so it can be used by children and pregnant people. Sharing with others is NG.

There is also the drawback that if you use too many things, you will not know which one works, but I wonder if there is any loss in doing all of them. There are also limited-time products, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!