DR.C Medical Medicine "Mask that turns pollen into water"
I tried the topical mask

In February, pollen has finally begun to fly this year as well. Every year, the author, who has symptoms on his eyes and nose, tried the countermeasure goods that he was interested in when he saw them in commercials.

The "Mask that turns pollen into water" sold by DR.C Medical Medicine is a new concept mask that uses "Hydro Silver Titanium Technology" that breaks down proteins such as pollen into water. It should be noted that water is a molecular level story, so the back of the mask is not soaked.

DR.C Medical Medicine "Mask that turns pollen into water"
"Mask that turns pollen into water" The technology is also used in hospital air purifier filters.

It has been deployed since 2017, but this year, a new product that can be selected from three stages according to the concentration of hydrosilver titanium has appeared. This time, I tried "+4 (regular)" and "+6 (strong)".

Regular masks for everyday use are ordinary masks that look and feel good. You will feel a peculiar odor when you start using it, but it will disappear soon.

DR.C Medical Medicine "Mask that turns pollen into water"
Individual packaging that is easy to carry

DR.C Medical Medicine "Mask that turns pollen into water"
It looks like a normal mask. Wire in the nose

After using it for a while from early to mid-February, not only did I have a runny nose while wearing it, but the inside of the mask always felt refreshing. I went out on the day when the temperature suddenly rose in Tokyo the other day, but my eyes were itchy but I didn't have a runny nose at all.

When I asked my family who had rhinitis symptoms other than pollen to wear it all year round, the symptoms were alleviated while I was wearing it, so I wore it indoors as well. * Both are personal impressions

On the other hand, strong for pollen peak countermeasures seems to be effective because the inside looks blue. I didn't feel that much difference from regular because the amount of pollen scattered is still small, but it seems to be good for people with severe symptoms and people who spend a long time outdoors during peak hours.

DR.C Medical Medicine "Mask that turns pollen into water"
During peak pollen sports and exams

Can be used for several days

The regular price is 1,000 yen, and the strong one is 2,000 yen (3 pieces each, excluding tax). To be honest, I think it's a waste to throw it away in one day, but since this mask also decomposes "proteins that cause sweat and odor" , use one mask for several days (replacement guideline varies depending on the level). I can do it. I didn't feel uncomfortable during the actual continuous use.

Is the anti-fog effect not good?

I bought a type with anti-fog for glasses this time, but the effect is not good enough. Breath often clouded my glasses.

DR.C Medical Medicine "Mask that turns pollen into water"
The anti-fog sheet is delicate ...

However, it is safe to prepare for the "mask that turns pollen into water," which is one rank higher than ordinary masks. You can purchase it at Amazon.co.jp or "Ange web shop".