Timotei Rose Moisture Shampoo & Treatment
For women who want to stick to the scent

From the Nordic-born hair care brand "Timote", "Timote Rose Moisture Shampoo & Treatment", which uses the high-quality fragrance and moisturizing ingredients of Damask rose, will be on sale from today (March 26).

A new line that contains natural essential oil derived from damask rose called "Queen of Roses" and damask rose extract as a moisturizing ingredient. Feminine roses, peony and neroli are luxuriously scented.

Timotei Rose Moisture Shampoo & Treatment
Uses fragrance containing natural essential oils derived from Damask rose (image is image)

The pump type contains 500g (17.64oz), and the refill type contains 385g (13.58oz), and the price is open. 0% silicone, no artificial colors or parabens added.