Daiso's Nectar Jelly
Don't forget to go to Daiso!

This summer, when it's too hot, this is the snack you should buy for 100 yen! Do you know "Nectar Jelly Peach" which is sold only at the 100-yen shop "Daiso"?

A collaboration product of that "Fujiya Nectar" and Yamazaki Baking. You can enjoy the juicy sweetness of the pouch container, which contains simmering peach jelly. It's a jelly drink, so it's softer than the jelly you eat, but you can drink it even when you have a good throat and have no appetite.

Daiso's Nectar Jelly
Familiar taste with white peach puree

In addition, this Nectar Jelly series also has a rare "tangerine" flavor. It has a smooth texture and a refreshing sweetness without sourness.

Daiso's Nectar Jelly
It ’s better to use “orange” instead of orange.

It is also recommended to freeze both a little and enjoy the crispy texture! Each contains 150g (5.29oz), and the price is of course 100 yen (excluding tax).