Daiso "LED light with whistle"
What should I add to my everyday luggage?

Today, we do not know when and where we will be hit by a disaster. If you are affected by a disaster on the go, you may be able to go home by relying only on your belongings.

Assuming such a situation, I always want to carry the "0th disaster pouch". What do you need to safely move to your home or shelter?

It is not necessary to call it a disaster pouch. For example, most people carry handkerchiefs and tissues , mobile phone chargers , notebooks (memo) , writing utensils, etc. on a regular basis. It was hot this summer, so I had a lot of water . Below, I thought about what I would like to add.

The contents of the usual pouch
Maybe many people carry chargers and water with them on a regular basis?

・ Whistle & Light

Daiso "LED light with whistle"
You can buy even 100-yen

Lights that are indispensable for moving at night and power outages, and whistles that are useful for rescue and crime prevention. At the 100-yen shop "Daiso", a "light with a whistle" that combines the two is on sale, and it is highly recommended because you can carry it around like a key chain.

Daiso "LED light with whistle"
You can carry the light and whistle like a key chain

Daiso "LED light with whistle"
A whistle that is also useful for women's crime prevention

Daiso "LED light with whistle"
The light is bright enough to illuminate your feet (10 lumens)

・ Portable simple toilet

Hundred yen store portable toilet

In the event of a disaster, the toilet may become unusable. This is also available at the 100-yen travel corner.

・ First aid kit (adhesive plaster, medicine, etc.)
・ Bandana and large handkerchiefs ・ Safety pins ・ Plastic bags ・ Masks

Contents of the 0th disaster pouch

These can be used in various ways depending on the idea, such as treating injuries or carrying water. For women, sanitary napkins can be used instead of bandages. It is safe to have a mask and a warmer depending on the season.

・ Mobile food, coins, and contact notes

Contents of the 0th disaster pouch

Add candy and chocolate to your everyday luggage so that you can quickly replenish your energy. With coins, you can get in touch with a pay phone if your cell phone becomes unusable. If you can afford it, it would be nice to have a portable radio as a source of information.

·rain gear

Contents of the 0th disaster pouch

Many people carry a folding umbrella, but in case of emergency, a raincoat or poncho that does not block your hands is the best. However, since it is bulky, you can use a garbage bag as a substitute.

The above is just an example. If you are far from your home or go out, you may need to make other preparations depending on the situation, such as a mother who goes out with your child. First of all, it is important to check the route from your workplace to your home or evacuation site and imagine what you need.

Contents of the 0th disaster pouch
First of all, it is important to be aware of it