KALDI coffee chocolate

Products for Valentine's Day are being released one after another at KALDI Coffee Farm. This year, a new chocolate bar blended with original coffee beans is also available.

Original coffee chocolate
Scheduled to be released in mid-January 220 yen

KALDI coffee chocolate

A chocolate bar made from three types of coffee: Italian roast, Zucano Bourbon, and Mocha French. Bitter type chocolate is used in both cases. The package uses the familiar goat character illustration from the shop bag.

Valentine limited "Cacao Forest" series

A chocolate product suitable for gifts using newly drawn illustrations. All 12 types will be deployed.

KALDI coffee chocolate

Scheduled to be released in early January Bonbon Heart / Bonbon Crown 637 yen Melty Chocolate Bitter 486 yen

KALDI coffee chocolate
Front: Bonbon Heart Back: Bonbon Crown

KALDI Melty Chocolate
Melty Chocolate Bitter

Scheduled to be released in late January Pen case (3 bitter chocolates) 529 yen, etc.

KALDI coffee chocolate
Pen case with chocolate