Ceria "Freshness Preservation Bag"
I want to use up all the vegetables!

When I see a bargain sale of vegetables, I usually buy them even if the amount is large. If you do not use it up and ruin it, you will suffer considerable mental damage due to regret.

Therefore, this time, we will pay attention to the 100-level goods "Freshness Preservation Bag" suitable for people who want to store fruits and vegetables for as long as possible. I tried to verify its ability.

Ceria "Freshness Preservation Bag"
Light green "freshness preservation bag" 100 yen each (excluding tax)

This is a "freshness-preserving bag" sold at the 100-yen shop "Ceria". There are 3 sizes, S, M, and L, and the L size is large enough to hold whole cut Chinese cabbage. Since there are many sheets, you can use it without hesitation.

Ceria "Freshness Preservation Bag"
3 sizes that can accommodate various vegetables and quantities

The mechanism of the freshness-preserving bag is that the ingredients contained in the bag absorb the gas generated from fruits and vegetables and keep the humidity inside the bag at an appropriate level to delay overripeness and putrefaction. It is said that this product uses highly safe ingredients that are also approved as food additives.

Ceria "Freshness Preservation Bag"
Let's go to the vegetable room

When I put vegetables and fruits in it and stored it in the vegetable room, some of them gradually made a difference from the 3rd to 4th day. For example, spinach was more firm than the one stored in the bag when it was bought, and the aging of bananas could be delayed.

Ceria "Freshness Preservation Bag"
Spinach stored in the vegetable room for 4 days. The freshness retention bag (right) was still firm

Ceria "Freshness Preservation Bag"
Bananas stored at room temperature for 5 days (left) and bananas in a freshness bag (right)

After all it is better immediately after buying

When I actually eat the vegetables, I get the impression that the taste is inevitably lower than immediately after I bought them. In particular, freshness is the life of leaves, so it may be a good idea to soak them in cold water before cooking, or to freeze the parts that are not really used up, depending on the situation.

However, I bought vegetables but I don't have time to process them right away! In that case, it is safe to put it in this bag for the time being. I think it is convenient to place it near the refrigerator.