A few days left until Valentine's Day. Introducing a wide variety of KALDI chocolate products that you can easily go to.

Boxed truffle with Japanese flavor

KALDI Valentine chocolate

Valentine's limited product " Moheji no Watorifu ". It is packed with 6 truffle chocolates wrapped in kinako, amazake, soy sauce, wasabi, shikuwasa, and yuzu-flavored ganache.

Chocolate bar with popular coffee beans

KALDI Valentine chocolate

"Coffee chocolate " is a blend of bitter chocolate and popular coffee beans from KALDI. There are three flavors: Italian roast, Zucano Bourbon, and Mocha French.

Chocolate that imitates sardine cans and oranges

KALDI Valentine chocolate

Chocolates with a playful design that do not seem to be chocolates at first glance. There is no doubt that it will be exciting the moment you hand it over!

Rice milk chocolate

KALDI Valentine chocolate

Stick-shaped chocolate using rice milk made from rice is characterized by a refreshing taste. The point is the fashionable cans that can be given as they are.

Chocolate with an interesting strange shape

KALDI Valentine chocolate

Chocolate from Trianon, the Netherlands, where you can enjoy the pleasant texture of plates and sticks. Rich in flavors such as orange and mint.

This season when chocolate products are most fulfilling. As a gift, of course, chocolate lovers are also recommended to go and secure their own!