KALDI coffee plate chocolate

A new product launched this January at KALDI Coffee Farm. I would like to introduce the "original coffee chocolate" because it was delicious.

KALDI coffee chocolate

Bitter type chocolate bar blended with coffee beans popular in KALDI. The illustration of the same goat as the shopper is a landmark. The price is 216 yen (tax included).

KALDI coffee plate chocolate
Goat design familiar with shoppers

The characteristic is that the crushed coffee beans themselves are mixed in! When chewed, the fine grains pop and the aroma of coffee rises vividly. Is this a coffee flavor that is satisfying for coffee lovers?

KALDI coffee plate chocolate
With finely crushed coffee beans!

There are three flavors: Italian roast, Zucano Bourbon, and Mocha French.

Italian roast: Characterized by rich bitterness and sweetness of Brazilian beans. This is recommended if you want to enjoy the aroma of standard coffee.

Mocha French: Characterized by a sweet scent reminiscent of vanilla and jasmine and a transparent bitterness. You can enjoy the sweet and smoky scent.

Tuckano Bourbon: Characterized by a condensed sweetness like chocolate. A gorgeous scent that feels colorful spreads.

KALDI coffee plate chocolate
Firmly retains the individuality of beans

Both are bitter type and not too sweet, and go perfectly with the flavor of coffee. It's delicious to eat as it is, but it looks good to use for making sweets! If you want to create an adult taste with bitterness and aroma, please do.