Mar & Me Latte New Line "Damage Repair"

A new line of in-bath hair care series "Damage Repair" will be released on August 28th from "Mar & Me Latte", a hair care brand that adults and children can use together. The price is open.

"Damage Repair" is a new line that can perform "moisturizing" and "cuticle care" for the hair of moms and children who have suffered internal damage to their hair. Contains "lactose", which is a sugar component derived from milk and has the property of holding water. It intensively repairs the inside of the hair that has flowed out due to the damage of the cuticle, leading to moist and supple hair.

In addition, the brand's common ingredient "Premium W Milk Protein" is used to simultaneously care for different cuticle damage between moms and children. "Purufuwa Foam", a plant-derived amino acid-based cleansing ingredient that foams quickly, gently cleanses the skin.

Uses a blooming fragrance that suppresses the odor of the skin caused by sweat and sebum and keeps a pleasant scent. Gorgeous apple & orange blossom scent.

The lineup includes "Mer & Me Damage Repair Shampoo", "Mer & Me Damage Repair Conditioner", and "Mer & Me Extra Damage Care Treatment".

Mar & Me Latte New Line "Damage Repair"