Canmake's "Color Stick Concealer"

Canmake's "Color Stick Concealer" is on sale from the end of August. The price is 650 yen (excluding tax).

A stick concealer that firmly covers skin problems. The soft and smooth texture blends into the skin without stickiness, and covers acne scars, stains, and redness of the nose in multiple ways. A prescription that sticks tightly to the skin, does not easily twist, and does not crumble for a long time. It is also recommended as a cover around the eyes as it does not easily accumulate in wrinkles over time. Free of tar pigments, parabens, alcohol, UV absorbers, and fragrances.

The container is slender and the tip is cut diagonally. It can be used pinpointly on small areas such as around the eyes and nose. Compact size that is convenient to carry.

There are 3 colors to choose from depending on your skin color and the worries you want to cover. "01 (Natural Beige)" for acne scars / stain covers and natural skin tones, "02 (Beige Ocher)" for dark acne scars / stains and dark skin tones, blue bear covers and oranges "03 (Apricot)" suitable for a certain skin color.

Canmake's "Color Stick Concealer"

If the foundation used is powder, it is recommended to use it before the foundation, and if it is a liquid cream, it is recommended to use it after the foundation. Contains moisturizing ingredients and can be used on areas that are easily dried, such as around the eyes and mouth.