Autumn 2020 Limited Premium Lulurun Autumn Leaves (Colored Seasonal Fragrance)

From the face mask brand "Lululun", "2020 Autumn Limited Premium Lululun Autumn Leaves (colored seasonal scent)" is on sale at official online stores and variety stores nationwide. The content is 7 pieces x 5 bags, and the price is 1,600 yen (excluding tax).

Lululun, which is a condensed version of the blessings of autumn, will be available only in the fall of 2020. "Premium Lulurun Autumn Leaves (Maple)", which was very popular last year, is newly added with "Ginkgo Leaf Extract" and "Chestnut Astringent Skin Fermented Extract" this fall. Furthermore, this year, it is finished more like autumn as a scented face mask.

Autumn 2020 Limited Premium Lulurun Autumn Leaves (Colored Seasonal Fragrance)

The reason why Japanese maple is dyed bright red during the autumn leaves season is that a kind of polyphenol "anthocyanin" is synthesized in the leaves. The extract extracted from the leaves of Acer palmatum prevents rough skin, gives a sense of transparency, and leads to glossy and healthy skin.

Acer palmatum with autumn leaves

Ginkgo leaf extract, which is a firm and glossy ingredient, leads to beautiful skin. The ginkgo trees that color autumn have been living for about 200 million years without changing their appearance. The strong vitality of such ginkgo brings a lively firmness to the fluctuating autumn skin.

Autumn leaves ginkgo

Also contains fermented chestnut astringent skin extract, which is made by fermenting astringent skin that protects chestnuts with aspergillus. Delivering youthful luster and bouncy elasticity.

Chestnuts from "Autumn 2020 Premium Lulurun Autumn Leaves (Colored Seasonal Fragrance)"