Yamazaki Business Slipper Rack

As new products from Yamazaki Kogyo, storage items for balcony slippers and items for organizing toilets are being developed. Details of each product are as follows.

■ Two-way veranda slipper rack tower

Yamazaki Business Slipper Rack

A rack that can be easily attached to indoor windows and doors with suction cups to store balcony slippers. It can also be mounted on the outside of the balcony. Can be mounted on the wall with the attached wood screws. There is a silicone cushion on the back side, so you don't have to damage the installation surface.

■ Slim toilet storage wagon tower

Yamazaki Business Toilet Wagon

A wagon that can store toilet paper, detergent, and other toilet supplies together. The slim design with a width of about 15 cm allows it to be placed in narrow spaces such as the side of a toilet or a washing machine. It is also convenient for storing laundry items such as laundry bottles and stock of bath items. With handles and casters that can be easily moved.

Other new products from Yamazaki Kogyo include the "Kids Panel Hanger Rack Tower" and the "Expandable Dishwasher Rack Tower". New products are also appearing in kitchen utensils such as kitchen paper & wrap holders and tray stands.