From the popular Disney Store series "nuiMOs", baseball costumes from both the Central League and the Pacific League are now available. It will be released sequentially from April 30th at the Disney Store, Disney's official online store "shop Disney", and professional baseball teams.

The first baseball costume for the stuffed toy fashion model "Nuimozu". A set of uniforms, caps, and accessories (bat + ball or mitt) that faithfully reproduce the design of each team makes it an irresistible item for fans.

Disney "nuiMOs" x professional baseball! Mickey in uniform

In addition to Disney Stores and Shop Disney nationwide, professional baseball teams also sell sets that combine stuffed animals such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with uniforms and accessories. It is proposed that you can match your favorite Nuimozu character with a costume and enjoy cheering and taking pictures of professional baseball teams together.

The sales outline is as follows. The listed price includes tax. Please refer to each team's homepage or online store for details on the sales start date and products handled by each team.

・ Disney Store Store / Shop Disney Sale Items: nuiMOs Plush Costumes ¥ 2,530 each ・ Professional Baseball Teams Sale Items: nuiMOs Plush Toys + Exclusive Costumes + Accessory Set ¥ 4,950 Each Set Contents:
1. 1. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck plush toys, uniforms, caps, bats, balls (5-piece set)
2. Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck plush toys, uniforms, caps, mitts (4 piece set)

Disney Store original design baseball costumes and accessory sets for enjoying baseball will also appear at Disney Store stores and shops Disney nationwide on the same day. There are two types of costumes, one with an eye-catching red color and the other with a refreshing blue stripe based on white. By combining it with accessories that include a set of four items, a bat, a ball, a mitt, and a home base, which will be released at the same time, you can enjoy reproducing the baseball scene even more.

Disney "nuiMOs" x professional baseball! Mickey in uniform

Product release dates, designs, retail stores, and specifications are subject to change. In addition, it may not be available at some stores. You can check the business status of Disney Store stores on the store information page.

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