Meso Piano Eau de Toilette Fruit Punch

The perfume "Mezzo Piano Eau de Toilette Fruit Punch" from mezzo piano junior has been reprinted for the first time in about 17 years. Reservations are accepted until 23:00 on May 30th at the official Bandai shopping site "Premium Bandai". Released around December 2021.

"Meso Piano Eau de Toilette Fruit Punch" with a fruity scent was introduced in 2004. The manga that was reprinted was released on Twitter last November by Mr. Endlessbabu (@ endlessbabu1), "The scent of the perfume of the meso piano, which is very nostalgic."

More than 40,000 retweets struck a chord with the words "I'm still looking for a perfume full of memories of that time", depicting the memories that elementary school students longed for the expensive "meso-piano perfume" more than 15 years ago. Record. “Meso Piano” has become a trend on Twitter, and many people have asked Narumiya's customer support for resale.

Cosmetic parlor

In response to the response on Twitter, Narumiya Bandai Ciao proceeded with planning and development at a rapid pace from the desire to respond to the passion of meso piano fans at the time when they became adults, and faithfully adhered to the scent of "meso piano perfume". Reproduced in. The compounding amount was tested many times while comparing with the original version. A light fruity base that changes to a gentle scent over time.

Meso Piano Eau de Toilette Fruit Punch

A cute heart bottle and a clear red heart cap are completely reproduced just by leaving them. There was no mold to make the bottle used at that time, and a new mold was made by 3D scanning the "original bottle that was left in a clean state" at the Narumiya headquarters.

The price is 6,600 yen (tax included). There is a purchase limit of 5 items so that more people can purchase.