"Ellips Hair Oil Pure Anatura" and "Ellips Hair Oil Lady Shiny"

From the non-rinse treatment of the hair care brand "ellips" from Bali, the first Japanese limited products "Ellips Hair Oil Pure Natura" and "Ellips Hair Oil Lady Shiny" are now available. It will be sold at variety shops and drug stores nationwide from early summer.

Ellips is a popular hair care brand from Bali. Among them, capsule-type non-rinse treatments are popular, and since there are a wide variety of treatments, you can choose the treatment that suits your hairstyle. It also protects hair from UV rays and is not sticky on humid days.

Ellips Hair Oil

The blue capsule "Ellips Hair Oil Pure Natura" contains blue lotus extract. Prevents hair color damage (cutting and split ends) and prepares soft and silky hair. Aqua lotus scent.

Ellips Hair Oil Pure Anatura

The red capsule "Ellips Hair Oil Lady Shiny" contains pink cherry extract. It repairs the hair and adjusts the texture to make the hair glossier and healthier. Sweet floral bouquet scent.

Ellips Hair Oil Lady Shiny

The Japanese limited edition Ellips has 2 more grains than the regular package. It will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.

"Ellips Hair Oil Pure Anatura" and "Ellips Hair Oil Lady Shiny"