LEPSIM collaboration T-shirt "Thirty One Flavor T" vanilla, Dainagon Azuki color, etc.

Two types of T-shirts that collaborated with "Thirty One Ice Cream" from LEPSIM are now available. From June 2nd, it will be on sale at LEPSIM stores nationwide and the official WEB store ".st".

In this collaboration, we have selected 9 flavors from the abundant flavors of "Thirty One Ice Cream". "Flavor T-shirts" are the classic vanilla, Azuki Dainagon with deep-rooted fans, four plain colors that express the colors of colorful orange sorbet and melon, and two colors that incorporate caramel ribbon and love portion thirty one into a tie die pattern. Available in a total of 6 colors. The "Recipe T-shirt" is available in three colors, with the cookie and cream, jamoka almond fudge, and chocolate mint flavor name logos on the front and the recipe for each ice cream on the back. While incorporating the playfulness and pop of "Thirty One Ice Cream," he said he was particular about the design and silhouette that are easy for adult women to wear.

A vinyl pouch with the "Thirty One Ice Cream" logo is included as a special tag. It can be used as a multi-pouch that can store cosmetics and masks.

Thirty One Ice Cream x LEPSIM T-shirt --Vanilla, Dainagon Azuki Color, etc.

The product details are as follows. The listed price includes tax.

■ Thirty One Flavor T (3,850 yen)

Thirty One Ice Cream x LEPSIM T-shirt --Vanilla, Dainagon Azuki Color, etc.

Inspired by the classic flavors, it is available in plain and tie-dye patterns. The logo and flavor name are printed on the back at one point. Adopting a loose width and adding a front and back difference to the hem for a long feeling. There is a feeling of looseness around the neck and width so as not to pick up the line of the body, and it goes well with pants.

Color: Vanilla, Dainagon Azuki, Orange Sorbet, Melon, Caramel Ribbon, Love Potion Thirty One Size: Free

■ Thirty One Recipe T (3,850 yen)

Thirty One Ice Cream x LEPSIM T-shirt --Vanilla, Dainagon Azuki Color, etc.

The logo on the front expresses the flavor name and recipe in the back print. It is finished in a calm color that is easy to wear, with a classic flavor that you are attached to. One piece that can be worn in or out of the bottoms with a moderately spacious silhouette.

Color: Cookies and Cream, Jamoka Almond Fudge, Chocolate Mint Size: Free