Lasana Aroma fabric softener, white tea scent

Plant-derived fabric softener "

Lasana Aroma Softener White Tea Fragrance


from the seaweed cosmetics brand "Lasana" will be available in limited quantities on the mail order website from November 1, 2012. The product has a capacity of 500 ml and is priced at 1,430 yen (tax included).

Lasana Aroma Softener

White Tea Fragrance "White Tea" is loved as "beauty tea" and is also called premium tea due to its small production and preciousness. This precious white tea is used for the first time in the Lasana Première hair care product as a limited edition fragrance. The new "Lasana Aroma Softener White Tea Fragrance" is a blend of the popular fragrance of pleasantly scented white tea with citrus and floral scents.

Lasana Aroma fabric softener, white tea scent

The vegetable-based softening ingredients in the product make clothes gentle and fluffy. Highly biodegradable, the fabric softener is gentle to the environment and people. Friction between skin and clothes is reduced, so it can be used safely even on baby clothes.

The hair and clothes are considered to be one of the fibers, and a dense marine moist formula is used to lock in moisture in each strand. Seaweed extract, deep sea water, and four types of plant-derived moisturizing ingredients treat each strand from both the inside and outside of the fiber, leaving it feeling smooth to the touch.

In addition, the growth of bacteria is inhibited, so there is no unpleasant smell of freshly dried clothes even when drying indoors. In addition, it decomposes the cause of body odor, deodorizing and inhibiting it. No fluorescent agents, bleaching agents, or colorants are used, which may cause color fading of clothes.

It also has the effect of suppressing the generation of static electricity, preventing clothes from clinging to each other and to pollen, which is a year-round concern. It also prevents and reduces wrinkling of laundry.