Yojiya Summer Limited "Blotting Paper Matcha"

The seasonal "oil blotting paper matcha" will be released on July 1st, exclusively for Yojiya mail order. We will start accepting reservations from June 21st, and will sell the "Reservation Limited Matcha Set" and carry out a gift campaign for reservations.

Oil blotting paper matcha

Summer-like refreshing green "oil blotting paper matcha" is a seasonal oil blotting paper that is sold every summer and is well received. It absorbs only excess sebum while maintaining its gentle feel and outstanding absorbency. Uses special Japanese paper kneaded with Uji matcha tea leaves. The price is 2,125 yen for a 5-volume set and 4,235 yen for a 10-volume set (tax included).

Yojiya Summer Limited "Blotting Paper Matcha"

Reservation limited matcha set

A set of oil blotting paper matcha (1 book), refreshing facial sheet, Yojiya body powder (floral scent), Yojiya water, moisturizing facial cleansing foam (mini size), and tote bag (not for sale). The price is 4,680 yen (tax included). Limited to 50 pieces, it will end as soon as it runs out. Only one point per person. The reservation period is from June 21st to 30th.

Yojiya "Reservation Limited Matcha Set"

Reservation period limited campaign

During the reservation period from June 21st to 30th, the first 50 people who booked over 8,000 yen including tax including "oil blotting paper matcha" will receive a "slim clear bottle (not for sale)" that is perfect for summer hydration. * For those who have made a reservation by logging in to the online shop.

Yojiya's slim clear bottle