ecoluxe beauty lotion

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Launch of "All-in-one Herbal Moist Lotion", a moisturizing lotion made only of beauty ingredients without adding a single drop of water

"All in One Herbal Moist Lotion" (120ml (4.06us fl oz)) will be pre-released online on March 5th from ecoluxe, a cosmetics brand that is planned and developed from a women's perspective. (*General sales start from March 20th) Price is 2,948 yen (tax included).

Gently blends into delicate skin

This moisturizing lotion is based on loofah water rich in vitamin C, known as ``beauty water,'' and is made up of seven types of herbal water and plant extracts, including rose water and moon peach water. It does not contain preservatives or synthetic surfactants, or even a single drop of water, so even those with sensitive skin can use it comfortably. With its penetrating power that permeates the skin, it replenishes the moisture that tends to be lacking, leaving your skin with a clear and fine texture. It is especially recommended for those who have the following problems.

・Skin increases with age ・Skin becomes dull and pale ・Skin loses firmness and becomes sagging ・Skin is dry ・Skin easily gets rough ・Sensitive skin

Multifaceted care with 19 types of serum ingredients

Loofah water rich in vitamin C, aloe vera juice that promotes skin turnover, rose water with extremely moisturizing power, lavender water that balances sebum, moon peach water that suppresses skin inflammation, and neroli water that tightens pores. , rosemary water that gives firmness to the skin, etc., can be used to treat all kinds of skin concerns.

Smooth yet extremely moisturizing

It has a smooth texture like water, but when applied to the skin, it absorbs into the skin and deeply moisturizes all the way to the stratum corneum of the skin. Although it has a high moisturizing effect, it has a refreshing finish and does not feel sticky.
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