Herbacin "Wellness Hand Cream Rose" "Wellness Hand Cream Lavender"

From the German-born natural cosmetics brand "Herbacin", "Wellness Hand Cream Rose" and "Wellness Hand Cream Lavender", which can enjoy a gorgeous scent, will be released in advance at the loft on September 1st. From October 1st, it will be sold mainly at variety shops. The capacity is 75 ml and the price is 700 yen.

Wellness hand cream rose

A hand cream with a fresh wild rose scent that brings a gentle sense of well-being. Contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients such as canina rose fruit extract. It smoothes dry and rough hands and keeps the moisture in the stratum corneum firmly.

Herbacin "Wellness Hand Cream Rose"

Wellness hand cream lavender

A hand cream that lets you enjoy the fresh and elegant scent of lavender, just like a lavender field. Contains a moisturizing plant extract. It keeps the moisture in the stratum corneum firmly and protects healthy hands.

Herbacin "Wellness Hand Cream Lavender"


A German cosmetic brand founded in 1905. It has been loved for over 100 years all over the world for its smooth feel that does not leave stickiness. We are committed to plant-based natural formulas and are working on product development with an emphasis on sustainability.

Herbacin "Wellness Hand Cream Rose" "Wellness Hand Cream Lavender"

Herbacin's wellness series offers gentle hand care, just like hand therapy. We will deliver a blissful relaxing time surrounded by a rich scent like a vast flower field.