Opera "Lip Tint N" 10 Bordeaux Brown 11 Fig 12 Plum Pink 13 Tope

From the cosmetics brand "Opera", the new colors "10 Bordeaux Brown", "11 Fig", "12 Plum Pink" and "13 Tope" of "Lip Tint N" will be released on September 8th. The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

Opera "Lip Tint N" new color

The theme this time is "Dreaming Earth -Dreaming Earth Color-". Inspired by the "enchanting colors" of nature, these four colors have a rich and rich color with dark nuances.

Opera "Lip Tint N" 10 Bordeaux Brown 11 Fig 12 Plum Pink 13 Tope

A tint formula that elicits a complexion in response to the moisture in the lips. Instead of "putting" the color on the lips, the natural complexion that the lips themselves are colored from the inside continues. Keeps moisture with a formula based on eco-friendly sugar cane-derived squalane oil. It stretches smoothly even on dry lips and is stress-free.

10 bordeaux brown

A reprint of the "203 Brown Fig", which was released on January 21, 2021 for a limited time. A cute dark color with a sense of transparency, with a chic brown color and a fruity redness.

Opera "Lip Tint N" 10 Bordeaux Brown

11 Fig

Red with pink nuances, like a ripe fig. Deep, not too sweet fruit color.

Opera "Lip Tint N" 11 Fig

12 Plum Pink

A chic plum color for adults with a dull nuance added to bluish pink. It is a different color from the limited edition plum pink released in 2018.

Opera "Lip Tint N" 12 Plum Pink

13 taupe

A brown beige that is bittersweet like nuts and feels the sparkle of the sun.

Opera "Lip Tint N" 13 Tope

At the official online store, a campaign to get free shipping from one lip is running until 12:00 on September 21st.