Mary Quant "Lip Bouncer L-05"

Mary Quant sells "Lip Bouncer L-05", "Body Icon Shower Gel", "Body Icon Body Cream" and "Body Icon Hand Cream".

Lip bouncer L-05

From the popular lip essence "Lip Bouncer", a limited edition milk tea scent with an elegant and fluffy scent is available. It wraps and protects lips that are delicate due to rubbing and drying with a mask with high moisturizing power. The price is 1,980 yen (tax included, same below).

Mary Quant "Lip Bouncer L-05"

Body icon shower gel

Shower gel that allows you to spend a relaxing bath time wrapped in dense foam and the gentle scent of vanilla. It can be used as both a body shampoo and a bubble bath. 200mL 3,300 yen.

Mary Quant "Body Icon Shower Gel"

Body icon body cream

A highly moisturizing body cream that blends into the skin with an airy, well-spreading cream and wraps the whole body in a moisturizing veil. Heals your daily fatigue with a gentle vanilla scent and prepares a firm body line. 140g (4.94oz) 3,850 yen.

Mary Quant "Body Icon Body Cream"

Body icon hand cream

The popular highly moisturizing hand cream has been upgraded and is now available. Keeps your hands moisturized. A refreshing rosemary scent. 50g (1.76oz) 2,200 yen.

Mary Quant "Body Icon Hand Cream"