Skin Food "Garden Bean Gentle Cleansing"

SKINFOOD will release the "Garden Bean Gentle Cleansing" series on December 26th.

Garden Bean Gentle Cleansing

A vegan cleansing series that takes into consideration the delicate skin and the global environment. Contains bean balance extracted from 4 kinds of moisturizing beans to protect the skin from dryness. We are particular about the extraction method so that the blessings of the fields can be delivered to the skin.

Uses a naturally-derived surfactant for a gentle feel on the skin. Obtained European vegan certification.

Garden Bean Gentle Balm Cleanser

A cleansing balm that melts on delicate skin and gently wraps makeup stains. There is a refreshing scent of herbs. Moist and smooth wash like after skin care. 100ml (3.38us fl oz) 3,960 yen (tax included, same below).

Skinfood "Garden Bean Gentle Balm Cleanser"

Garden Bean Gentle Bubble Cleanser

A bubble foam cleanser that moisturizes and cleanses with extracts from four types of beans. It is a two-layer type of water and oil, and when shaken before use, a fresh foam is created in the container. If you push the pump as it is, a lot of soft bubbles with less irritation will come out. 200ml (6.76us fl oz) 3,520 yen.

Skin Food "Garden Bean Gentle Bubble Cleanser"

Garden Bean Gentle Serum Cleanser

2way cleansing that protects delicate skin from the burden of over-washing. After lightly blending and removing make-up, add water and whisk lightly to complete cleansing and face washing at once. The four types of beans moisturize the skin while gently removing only makeup and dirt. Prevents rough skin with CICA ingredient (Centella asiatica extract). 190g (6.7oz) 3,520 yen. Limited sale at some stores (LUMINE EST Shinjuku store, Atre Matsudo store, Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall store, LUCUA Osaka store).

Skin Food "Garden Bean Gentle Serum Cleanser"