Sezanne "Mineral Cover BB Cream," "Poreless Powder," "Mixed Color Blush N 20 Shading

Sezanne will release "Mineral Cover BB Cream," "Poreless Powder," and "Mixed Color Blush N 20 Shading" in late March. They are priced at 748 yen each (tax included).

Cezanne Mineral Cover BB Cream

A skincare-inspired high-coverage BB cream that performs the five functions of a serum, foundation, base, UV protection (SPF29/PA+++), and milky lotion in a single bottle, covering skin problems while moisturizing the skin. It contains a perfect balance of covering powder that adheres well to the skin and emollient ingredients that give it a sheen. The result is smooth skin without a thick, greasy feel.

Sezanne "Mineral Cover BB Cream

Mineral ingredients and 12 kinds of beauty moisturizing ingredients are blended. Skin care effects can be expected while applying makeup, and the product can be washed off with soap when used by itself. Water-proof formula that is resistant to water and perspiration. Available in "00 light beige," "10 light ochre," and "20 natural ochre.

Sezanne Poreless Powder

A colorless powder that does not stand out. The soft focus effect powder covers the skin like a thin film, creating a pore-free skin with the power of light. Containing highly transparent clear powder, it has a bare skin-like finish that makes the most of base makeup and the skin's natural luster.

Sezanne "Poreless Powder

Sebum adsorbing powder adsorbs excess sebum to keep skin silky smooth. Fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, surfactant-free, and formulated with mineral powder, it can be used 24 hours a day. 15 moisturizing ingredients are included, and when used alone, it can be removed with soap or a facial cleanser.

Sezanne Mixed Color Cheek N 20 Shading

20 Brown Shading" is a renewed version of the popular 4-color gradation blush palette "Sezanne Mixed Color Blush N". It can be used as a single color or mixed to create a natural shade that is perfect for you. It is especially recommended for those who are not good at shading and those who like natural makeup.

Sezanne "Mixed Color Cheek N 20 Shading

Contains beauty moisturizing and oil ingredients. Even though it is a powder, it does not dry easily and blends smoothly into the skin. Can also be used as eye shadow.

Sezanne "Mixed Color Cheek N 20 Shading