Innisfree "No Sebum Sakura Collection

Innisfree will release a Japan-exclusive "No-Sebum Sakura Collection" on March 19. It will be available in limited quantities at stores in Japan, the official online store, Rakuten Ichiba, @cosme SHOPPING, and Qoo10.

No Sebum Sakura Collection

This is a Japan-only collection that evokes a springtime crush just by holding it. The design is based on the image of pretty Japanese cherry blossoms in the twinkling of an eye.

Innisfree "No Sebum Sakura Collection

No-sebum Mineral Powder LTD22

Sebum adsorbing powder and mineral sebum control powder adsorb excess sebum. Leaves skin smooth and soft to the touch. The ultra-fine powder is light and comfortable to wear. The floral fragrance is reminiscent of pretty cherry blossoms. The price is 825 yen (tax included).

Innisfree "No-sebum Mineral Powder LTD22

No-sebum Mineral Color Powder LTD22

A color powder that is slightly pink like cherry blossoms. Sebum control powder suppresses excessive sebum and fine-tunes the texture. Soft floral fragrance. Price: 825 yen.

Innisfree "No Sebum Mineral Pact LTD22

No-sebum Mineral Pact LTD22

Sebum control powder adsorbs excess sebum and keeps skin smooth and matte for a long time. Comes with a mirror for easy carrying. Soft floral fragrance. Price: 1,320 yen.

Innisfree "No Sebum Mineral Pact LTD22

The release date of "No Sebum Mineral Pact LTD22" has not yet been determined due to a delay in receiving the product. As soon as the release date is fixed, it will be announced on the official twitter account.

No Sebum Powder Cushion 21c/21N

A cushion foundation that provides a base makeup that is resistant to excess shine and perspiration. Formulated with highly breathable sebum control powder, it suppresses excess sebum and shine and keeps skin smooth and silky for 48 hours without the feeling of thickening. The price is 2,530 yen.

Innisfree "No-sebum Powder Cushion 21c/21N

My Chainable Brush Set LTD22

A set of powder, blush, and eye shadow brushes to perfect your makeup. The soft bristles feel good on the skin and the easy-to-use shape makes it easy to achieve your ideal makeup. The brushes can be replaced according to the application and fit in a compact size, making them easy to carry around. Price: 3,630 yen.

Innisfree "My Chain Jubble Brush Set LTD22".