Steam Cream's Moomin Designs "Electrified Gnoronoro" and "The Birth of Gnoronoro"

The Steam Cream brand will release Moomin-designed moisturizing creams "ELECTRICITY HATTIFATTENERS" and "BIRTH OF HATTIFATTENERS" on August 3 in limited quantities. 75g (2.65oz) 1, 848 yen (tax included).

Various Moomin design series have been introduced by Steam Cream. This time, the design focuses on the popular character "Nyoronjoro.

There are two types of the Nyoronyo design, each cut from a popular scene in the Moomin comics. Both cans feature a large number of Gnoronoro not only on the lid, but also on the side of the can itself.


This design depicts a scene between a gnoronyo and Little Mii. Little Mii is playing without worrying even though the floor of the Moomin and Shiki have fallen out due to the passage of the electrified Nyoronjoro. The uniqueness of this design and the bright yellow color, which is reminiscent of electricity, make it an energetic design.

Steam Cream's Moomin Design "Electrified Gnoronoro"

BIRTH OF HATTIFATTENERS / The Birth of Gnoronjoro

This design depicts a scene between a gnoronyo and a snufkin. Snufkin is distressed when a gnoronoro grows unintentionally from the seed he planted. The scene and the expression on Snufkin's face are unintentionally funny and comforting.

Steam Cream's Moomin design, "The Birth of Nyoronyo."

Available at the official Steam Cream online store, Steam Cream permanent stores, events at famous department stores nationwide, and some variety stores.

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