Steam Cream Christmas Designs "Make Peace" and "Love is All Around"

Steam Cream Christmas Design Moisturizing Creams

Steam Cream brand will release Christmas design moisturizing cream "MAKE PEACE by KYOKO AOYAMA" and "LOVE IS ALL AROUND by KYOKO AOYAMA" on November 2. 75g (2.65oz) 1, 980 yen (tax included).

Steam Cream "MAKE PEACE

Steam Cream "MAKE PEACE by KYOKO AOYAMA/Make Peace" is designed on the theme of "PEACE" with a beautiful dove, a symbol of peace, flying in the winter sky. If you look closely, you can see a hidden heart among the red berries. The gold background is overlaid with a calm and gentle blue to express a peaceful and tranquil Christmas time. The side of the body has the word "PEACE" and the bottom of the body has the word "LOVE" as a pair.

Steam Cream Christmas Design "Make Peace


Steam Cream "LOVE IS ALL AROUND by KYOKO AOYAMA/Love is All Around" is designed with the theme of "LOVE" and features two girls delivering happy songs with notes of LOVE. The lid is decorated with a holly leaf, which has the words "protect" and "defend" in the language of flowers, which are closely related to steam cream, and is designed to be carried as a winter good-luck charm. The word "LOVE" is on the side of the body, and the word "PEACE" is on the bottom as a pair.

Steam Cream Christmas Design "Love is All Around"

Steam Cream

Moisturizing cream that supports the natural power of the skin through a balance of natural ingredients and a unique steam emulsification process. Oats, the raw material of steam cream, have been used since Roman times to moisturize and protect the skin. Extracts from the kernel are used in toners, vegetable oils are used in cream products, and oats are carefully selected for each purpose, and all products contain oats.

steam cream

The steam cream brand's unique manufacturing process emulsifies raw materials (water base and oil base) with unmixed steam to create a fresh cream with high penetrating power. The use of high-temperature steam in the emulsification process produces a fluffy cream with a light and highly penetrating texture without compromising the characteristics of the ingredients.

The product is available at the official Steam Cream online store, Steam Cream permanent stores, events at famous department stores nationwide, and some variety stores. Some variety stores are scheduled to launch the product sequentially from November 9.